Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mahi Mahi Anyone?

A couple of weekends ago the Sea Drag'n ventured out for a spur of the moment fun fishing trip with some tournament buddies (Hot Grits). We travelled off shore about 40-50 miles to a beautiful spot and found a nice weed line that was loaded with Mahi. The result was one really nice size dolphin and a money bag and cooler full of Mahi. Needless to say, dinner was awesome that night and we have lots of filets in the freezer for the rest of the summer. Take a look a some of the photos.

See you on the water!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Fishing Trip

The Sea Drag’n took its first trip offshore to break in the new motors.

We left out of Wrightsvile Beach around 6:00 am on Monday. We had the lines in the water at around 8:00 am at the same ole hole 62 miles offshore. The water temp was about 80 degrees, but there was no good break. The weeds were scattered and no birds in sight. Action was slow to begin.

We finally got a bite on the long line and put a nice 30 lb. Mahi in the box. The crew fished four more hours with only two short bites. There were lots of boats also in search of something good for grill, but there was little to no action going on.

We headed back inshore for some bottom feeders and picked up a couple of Groupers and let go some nice Snappers. It was great being on the water. Sea conditions were good and the crew had a good time playing tug a war with the bottom feeders.

The Sea Drag'n's motors are officially broke in and running great. The live bait rods are primed and ready to be put on the boat.

Let the 2010 Kingfish season begin!!!